StoryLens: Translate Everyday Memories into Lasting Stories

Go beyond documenting big milestones like birthdays.

Communicate your child's virtues and values through living stories that shape their lives.

My kids used to want to read Cat in the Hat every night... now that they see themselves in a story it’s what they want to read. I love that the stories instill who they truly are.

Get started creating your child's custom story from one of our templates:

The Story of Your Name

Where did my name come from? What does it mean? What do you see in me?

Answer these questions in a beautiful narrative about how your child's name came to be.

Story of My Imagination

One thing children are never short on... imagination.

Learn how your child sees the world and how they transform everyday scenes into a trip to space or to the bottom of the ocean!


Story of Overcoming

We all have fears. Sometimes kids just need a little nudge to overcome theirs.

Create a milestone or victory over a fear or challenge that you can celebrate with your child.


The Story of Your Birth

Everyone has a birth story -- full of unexpected, humorous and powerful moments.

Share this story with your child about how they made their grand entrance into the world!


Story of My Travels

"That's right, I look great in shades."

Let your child humorously narrate a story or adventure from their vantage point.

Story of a Virtue

Building our child's character is one of our most significant jobs as a parent, yet hardest to capture.

Document the ways your child shows Compassion, Joy, or Grit and celebrate who they're becoming.

The Story of a Passion

Do you see a hunger to explore and adventure? To build, create, shape? To sing or dance?

Capture the journey of an emerging passion and the moments and experiences that shaped it.