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Courage over fear

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Getting feedback on an initial prototype from a mother of a 3.5-year-old and 16-month old. 

We heard the powerful story of her son whose namesake means courage: [needs to be edited for anonymity]

His name was inspired when he leapt in womb as he heard a story of great bravery by a British knight. Yet fear tried to creep in early in life. At age three, he triumphed over his fears as he slid down the large slide and tackled the play structures with abandon! Courage had conquered fear.

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Her feedback to the idea of storybooks based on everyday moments of your kids: 

"Before, I had been taking only Pinterest-worthy photos. I realized, it was the everyday moments that are bigger to a child than the picture perfect moments."
"It's about the everyday not the highlights. The raw us. The real us."
"It's more than a storybook. It's a tool to capture kids doing the new [virtuous] behavior. It becomes who they are. It becomes ingrained."