Kidpreneur Projects


The vision of PAD (Peace for Africa & Economic Development)  is to become the 'Pioneering non-profit youth organization Integrating African Youth into Global Peace-Building.'

Founder Eddy Oketch, inspired by the Entrepreneurship program at African Leadership Academy, evolved PAD to form youth-led community action projects as a vehicle for both achieving peace and bringing economic growth.

One such community action project is a full retail shop that supports the M-PESA mobile banking platform and has brought clean drinking water to a community of 5,000 people. The shop has become one of the most successful businesses in Migori district in Kenya and won the Anzisha Prize for innovation.

PAD has received funding from the British Council and Equity Bank of Kenya and has helped hundreds of young people get involved in creating community action projects.

I learned to package my ideas in such a way that I could tell my grandmother what I’m doing in language she understands. We therefore make PAD a community-owned project, so I don’t become the face of PAD but it becomes a product of the community.
— PAD Founder, high school senior


Discouraged by the lack of female presence in fields from engineering to chemistry, this team came up with the idea of STEMist Doll and app who help young girls learn basic coding syntax while building conversational relationship with her doll.

The team is following in the footsteps of GoldieBlox whose mission is to disrupt the "pink aisle" and give girls an alternative to images of women portrayed by Barbie and others.

They began by building the app to learn how best to couple the goal of giving girls confidence in basic coding syntax (such as IF THEN ELSE) with the motivation to teach her doll conversational abilities such as IF I say "hello," THEN say "how are you?"



The goal of the team’s Edutainment Math DVD series, Mathmahelp, is to raise test scores and increase college admissions in low-income school districts. Long-term the team hopes these youth will be inspired to enter tech-based fields as a result.

The series is full of inspiring TED talks about crazy cool ways to apply math and real-life problems that bring abstract concepts to life, such as using Absolute Value to help an ice cream shop owner know which of the prospective hires is the most accurate ice cream dispenser.

In an opportunity of a lifetime, the team presented to a Microsoft Managing Director and were allocated a task force to help them build their concept!

Pitching to the Managing Director of Microsoft assured me that given the opportunities and drive, young people have the potential to compete on the same level as seasoned professionals. This has strengthened my conviction to use entrepreneurship as a tool for change.
— Mathmahelp, Founder, high school senior


The goal is to promote simple preventative behavior against skin cancer through a youth-centered activities.

The team developed a 10-week curriculum of activities and creative social campaigns, ready to be launched as a cancer awareness club on any high school campus!

Wristbands made of UV color-change beads alert students when they have been exposed to harmful rays.



Born out of the chemistry lab, this biofuel apparatus turns manure into methane gas for cooking.

At scale, the device provides hundreds of underprivileged elementary school students affordable fuel for cooking. It also added to the school’s portfolio of ‘green standards’ that won them continued funding.

The team realized it was also a great opportunity to teach the elementary school students about green solutions and involve them in the digging and building process!