Magic School Bus

Insight: Students struggle to connect their classroom learning to how it applies to their professional life after graduation.

What if instead, students encounter a CSI crime scene with caution tape on their way to class?

With this ideas, students must put on the role of an investigator, find DNA samples and assign DNA markers to uncover the guilty party. During this quick 15-minute experiment, students began to extrapolate beyond to identify DNA markers that had not yet been taught in class and truly took leadership of their own learning.

This concept transports students into the mindset or roles of professionals through which they experience their learning.

Careers Come to You

Insight:  81% of high school dropouts said a more authentic connection to the “real world” would have kept them in school. Of 80% of students who had a clear sense of where they want to go, only 36% had interests that were aligned [according to an ACT study].

What if your career center came to you? What if you could be in your field of choice for a day?

With this idea, students step into a career of their choosing through experiencing a day-in-the-life of that profession, say a veterinarian, that has been filmed in with first person with a GoPro camera.