Social Entrepreneurship Program

Castilleja School, Palo Alto, CA | Co-designed with and launched by Castilleja's ACE Center (for Awareness, Compassion & Engagement)


Passion into Action: Social Entrepreneurship Program

Young female leaders at Castilleja School in Palo Alto set out to spot entrepreneurial opportunities to bring their passions and abilities to bear in solving a meaningful problem in their community or the world. Culminating with a pitch to Silicon Valley VCs, students experienced the full arc from building empathy with their target audience to building (and re-building) their ideas through this tailored learning experience. 

Semi-Finalists: STEMist Doll

Discouraged by the lack of female presence in fields from engineering to chemistry, this team came up with the idea of STEMist Doll and app who help young girls learn basic coding syntax while building conversational relationship with her doll.

The team is following in the footsteps of GoldieBlox whose mission is to disrupt the "pink aisle" and give girls an alternative to images of women portrayed by Barbie and others.

They began by building the app to learn how best to couple the goal of giving girls confidence in basic coding syntax (such as IF THEN ELSE) with the motivation to teach her doll conversational abilities such as IF I say "hello," THEN say "how are you?"